Qlab is the industry standard for live show control and powers all our live shows.



Qlab Training

Our experience in Qlab is extensive. Whether you're intending to map multiple projectors across a stage or remotely trigger audio, whatever your production requirements we can help.

We provide on and off-site training and support at any stage of the project timeline.

Workspace design

We offer remote workspace design. Meaning on the day of the show all you have to worry about is pressing go!

We can set up everything from transitions to triggers, audio to automation. Your show is programmed and tested by professionals.

Copy Protected Media? No problem. In most cases we can program shows and events without needing the content - ideal for workspaces which are primarily live camera driven, or for protecting important video, audio, and imagery.

We'll even walk you through step-by-step how to link your media to the Qlab workspace on delivery.